Android Vs. iOS in SA

This is a time old debate, Android vs. iOS. You get die hard android users who swear to never go near an Apple product with a barge pole. Then on the other side of things you will also find iPhone elitists who pledge their allegiance to all things Apple and nothing else. While there are also the neutral users amongst us, majority of the masses are either clearly Team Android or Team iPhone. Even the Kompare team is divided in this debate! As such, we decided to take a look at the differences between the two, and really dive in to which operating system should be crowned king. Read on below for more!

Core Differences Between Android vs. iOS Devices

Developer Company Apple Inc. Google
Initial Release of Software 29-07-2007 23-09-2008
Development Model Closed, however, has open source workings available Open source
Can You Customize the Device Unless your device is jailbroken, not a lot can be altered Yes. Majority of the components of the device can be altered in one way or another
File Transfers Media files can only be transferred through the iTunes backup sustem. Photos can be copied from the device via a USB out All that it takes to transport media from your Android device to a desktop is a USB out
Devices the Operating System is Compatible With Majority of smart device manufactures make use of the Android system now days. These inccude Moorola, Smasung, Sony, HTC and Kindle Available on Apple devices only; iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV
Connectivity Options Google Hangouts and a number of third party connectivity apps including the likes of Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype etc. iMessage, Face Time and a number of third party connectivity apps including the likes of Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype etc.
Apps Available Apple App Store: ±1 000 000 apps
Google Play Store Apps: ±1 000 000 apps. Allows other app store download from sources such as Amazon and Getjar
OS Families OS X, UNIX Linux
Open Source Although the iOS kernel is not open source, it is ased on the open source Darwin OS Kernel, UI and a few other standard apps
Internet Browsers Available Mobile Safari. Other browsers are supported as well Google Chrome on newer models. Android browser on older models
Voice Command SIRI Google Now (only available on newer models)
Maps Apple Maps (can download Google Maps as an app) Google Maps
Supported Languages Thirty four various languages are supported Thirty two various languages are supported
Latest Updates and Stable Releases Available
Battery Life As a general rule of thumb most apple devices have a battery life of roughly ten hours Based on a performance chart of top battery lives of phones in 2017, the average duration of an android device varies since so many different providers use Android. Look at battery lives of the type of device you'd like to purchase

So, Who Wins in The Android Vs. iOS Battle?

As you can see, both operating systems have a lot to offer consumers. At the end of the day, neither one can be deemed 100% better than the other. It all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. We hope the above specs have helped shed some light on the ongoing battle between the two OS.