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Rainy Days

Recently, SA has been hit by rainy days galore. If you feel yourself slipping into the
grasps of cabin fever... read more here
Android vs. iOS

This is a time old debate, Android vs. iOS. You get die hard android users who swear
to never go near an Apple product with a barge pole. Then on the other side of things you
will also find iPhone elitists who... read more here
Friday Braai Day

Friday Braai Day is officially upon us, South Africa. With a strong culture of meat,
beer and sport, it's impossible to go through life without finding helpful...
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Home Hacks for All South Africans

Home hacks are honestly the way forward for all households within South Africa.
Whether you have little ones running amok, or simply need to find your footing on
your own, being in... read more here
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone from the team at Kompare! Ah, the day of love. For some, an utter nightmare, for others, a day filled with wonder and wide eyed women. Whichever class... read more here
Valentine's Day is Almost Upon Us!

As the big V Day is finally upon us, Kompare has a bunch of last minute ideas for you to make the day of love extra special for that person who deserves...
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Valentine's Day on a Budget

Celebrating Valentine's Day can be a strenuous thing for a lot of people as teddies, chocolates, perfumes, flowers and other gifts can really...
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