Friday Braai Day At Kompare: Enjoy the Following Braai Hacks and Make the Most of Your Weekend!

Friday Braai Day is officially upon us, South Africa. With a strong culture of meat, beer and sport, it's impossible to go through life without finding helpful tips and tricks to make your braai work for you. As such, the Kompare team has compiled a list of great helpful hints, perfect to turn your braai into a breeze.

Making Wet Wood Work for You

Wet wood can really put a damper on things (insert comedic drum roll here). At times, having to deal with a pile of wet logs can truly be disheartening, especially if you have been lusting over the idea of a delicious braai all day. If you just do not have the will power to go to the shops for charcoal, nor want to drain petrol from your car, Kompare has the answer for you! All you need is some cooking oil and a candle. Place your logs into the braai as you usually would, pour over a bit of cooking oil, break the candle in half and set alight. Be sure to stand away from the flames as they may be a bit eager at first. The last thing you want is Steak a la Singed Eyebrow.


Keep Your Meat Tender and Tasty

Once we are done braaing certain pieces of meat, we tend to take them off the fire and leave them within the serving dish whilst waiting for the other pieces to cook. This can lead to your cuts becoming dry. Avoid this by sautéing onions beforehand and leaving them in the serving dish. By placing your meats on the bed of onions, you will keep the cuts moist and furthermore, enhance the taste of your braai vleis!

Make the Most of Your Weekend Starting with Friday Braai Day!

Use the above mentioned braai tips this weekend and be sure to get the best results imaginable. Enjoy everything about the braai side of life and light up a fire this weekend. Kompare can even help you find the perfect grocery list with the best prices for you! Celebrate Friday is style and enjoy this Friday Braai Day to the full.