Home Hacks for Those Looking to Win at Life

Home hacks are honestly the way forward for all households within South Africa. Whether you have little ones running amok, or simply need to find your footing on your own, being in the know of how to beat the system can really help you survive on a day to day basis. As such, Kompare has compiled a number of truly great home hacks for you to make full use of! Read on below to see how you can hack your house and everything in it to make your life that much easier.

Save that Cake!

After every birthday, anniversary, or if you just like cake and decide to buy a whopper from the local bakery, there will always be left over pieces. A cake, no matter where it is stored, tends to dry out rather quickly, making it not so pleasant to enjoy a day or two later. However, what would you say if you found out there is a way to keep your cake in good shape? It's true, and Kompare has the hack for you. Instead of cutting triangle pieces out of the cake for guests (or yourself) to enjoy, cut rectangles down the middle of the cake. This will give you the opportunity to push the two halves back together once you are done serving, locking in the moisture and preserving that precious flavour.

Make Peeling Potatoes a Pleasure

If peeling spuds has turned into a loathsome chore, this hack is for you. Even with the help of a peeler, peeling a potato can be a labour intensive task at times. However, there is a much easier way of getting this job done! All you need to do is fill a pot with water and get it on the boil. Take the amount of potatoes you wish to prepare and cut a circle around the middle of each, piercing the skin as you do. Put these suckers on the boil and once you take them off, the skin will be softened to the point where it literally just peels off.


Avoid Any Splash Back with this Home Hack

If you are an avid baker, or just enjoy messing around with some great cake recipes you found on Pintrest, one enemy you must've encountered at one point or another is batter flying everywhere when mixing things with your electric mixer. A member of the Kompare team has even managed to land icing on the ceiling at one point in her life. However, we have now found the solution to save your kitchen (and ceiling) from flying cake debris. All that it takes is a paper plate. Yes, it is that simple. Stab your electric mixers through the paper plate before attaching the to the mixer body and whizz away! This is guaranteed to keep your cake batter or icing where it should be; in the bowl.

Enjoy You Home Efficiently With these Home Hacks

These home hacks are really the stuff of legends, giving you the freedom to run your life the easy way. Be sure to keep an eye out for more incredible hacks from Kompare. In the meantime, have fun with the above mentioned home hacks!