Making the Most of a Rainy Day

Recently, SA has been hit by rainy days galore. If you feel yourself slipping into the grasps of cabin fever, and don't quite know what to do with yourself, Kompare has a few cool ideas to lighten any mood in this dreary weather. As this weather is predicted to last for the next few days, there really is no escaping it. Therefore, instead of making a misery out of the rain, make the most of it! Read on below to see how.

Play a Game

As adults, we often tend to forget the art of play. Playing a game can not only break the funk of cold, wet weather, but can also lighten the mood on a general basis. Keep your mind sharp by playing a riveting game with your partner, an intense match of solo solitaire or, brighten the kids day with a little bit of general knowledge with a round of 30 Seconds Junior.

Read a Book in Bed

Tonight when you get home from work, why not curl up in a comfy space with a good book? Reading is an incredibly powerful pastime as it allows you to dream up every element of the story to suit your imagination!

Get Cosy on The Couch

Another great way to spend a rainy night in is to curl up on the couch and enjoy a favourite movie or TV series. This is a great way to forget about the stress of the day and enjoy a relaxing evening with your family, your better half, or yourself!

Cook Up a Storm

A great way to beat the black sky blues is to whip up a storm in the kitchen! Cooking can be an incredibly therapeutic practice and, not to mention, yields delicious spoils at the end. Why not cook up a hearty meal to bust the chilling evening ahead and enjoy the delicious meal you loving created.

Beat The Rainy Weather with Kompare

If you are in need of any device to aid you in cooking up a wondrous creation, a good book, a movie or two or even a board game, Kompare is here to provide. Be sure to take a look at just what we have on offer for you!